Pre-School Dance Classes

Shuffle & Groove

45 Minutes of Dancing Fun

Shuffle & Groove is a Combo dance class especially designed for Pre-Schoolers, incorporating Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Rhythm & Singing

Jazz – the class starts with a warm-up to get the body moving, followed by Jazz moves to your pre-schoolers favourite tunes incorporating Marching, Skips, Hips, Grooves and more!!

Hip Hop – Get down and Groove time!! Learning basic moves like Smurfs, Milli roll, Samba step & More!!

Tap – every pre-schooler’s favourite time!! Time to put on the noisy shoes and learn the beginnings of tap dance.

Rhythm & Singing – Bringing out the confidence in every child with simple rhythm & songs

Packaged together to make a fun, educational & confidence building 45-minute class.


Bella Ballerinas is our ballet based pre-school program for ages 2-5.
Over the last 20 years we have developed this program so children can experience the joy of ballet while learning new skills & making friends.
Throughout the class children will dance to classical music as well as children music and nursery rhymes.
They'll learn ballet steps in a fun and encouraging way while using lots of fun props like shakers, scarfs, ribbions & more.
There's lots of benefits for children as they'll learn listening skills, how to follow instructions, sharing and waiting their turn as well as many more things which will help prepare them for dance as they get older as well as school.

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