Dance Classes

Acrobatics Logo

Acrobatics is similar to gymnastic floor work but is designed to be incorporated into dance Routines. Unlike gymnastics where children compete in competitions, acrobatics gets performed on stage during concerts. In an acrobatics class, the students will first participate in a warm-up, followed by learning and practicing tricks which will then be put into a routine for both the Mid-Year & End of Year performances. Although we don't use any matting on stage we have mats to learn tricks on to avoid injuries, but as the students become comfortable with a trick they'll move to the floor.
We have acrobatic classes available for children 5 years and over.

Classical Logo

Classical Ballet is the basis for most other dance styles as it helps develop basic technique.
Students will develop posture and co-ordination as well as gain strength and flexibility.
Ballet classes are available from 2 years old in Bella Ballerinas all the way up to adult ballet classes.
Ballet is great for students who just want a recreational class and those who want to take it more serious we offer CSTD ballet exams.

Contemporary Logo

Contemporary is an expressive style of dance combining elements from many different dance styles including jazz, classical and lyrical.
Contemporary dance is a great style for students who want to express themselves through dance.
Many different sorts of music get used in contemporary, from ballads to percussive music.
Contemporary can be fluid movements or strong sharp movements incorporating floorwork.

Musical Theatre Logo

Musical Theatre is a combination of singing, acting and dancing.
In a musical theatre class students will do vocal warm ups, learn different songs, play drama games and learn routines for performances.
This class helps students become more confident while having fun and making friends.
Musical theatre is available for all school aged children.

Hip Hop Logo 3

Hip Hop is fresh, upbeat, energetic and a lot of fun.
It's great for students who want a fun recreational class or for students wanting to challenge themselves and take it seriously.
Hip Hop can be quite a technical dance style but can also be very relaxed and groovy.
Hip Hop classes are available for all school aged students.

Jazz Logo

Jazz is a high energy dance style that incorporates turns, kicks and jumps.
Over the years jazz has evolved into a very broad genre ranging from broadway styles all the way through to funk jazz.
Jazz is a very technical genre which is great for strength, flexibility and fitness.
We offer recreational Jazz Classes as well as CSTD jazz exams.
Jazz is available for children of all ages though to adults.

Tap Logo

Tap is always one of the most fun dance genres because every child loves to make noise.
Tap Dancing has been in many movies over the years such as singin' in the Rain and Happy Feet. It's great for learning rhythm and co-ordination.
As well as being a great genre for children it's also a great genre for adults as it helps memory and is a great way of getting exercise.
We offer CSTD tap exams for students of all ages as well as recreational classes.


We offer private lessons to students wanting one on one training, this could be for students to participate in competitions, exams or maybe just for extra help with something a student is struggling with. For more information on private lessons or to book one in contact us today.

Students that show potential may be asked to join the competition team in their age group or a exam class for their level. If your child is wanting to participate in competitions or exams we'd love to discuss this opportunity with you.